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   Galbi Gui (Korean Beef Rib BBQ)  
   Bulgogi (Beef BBQ)   Ұ
   Sang Deung Sim (Beef Rib Eye BBQ)   ұݱ
   Daeji Bulgogi (Pork BBQ)   Ұ
   Sam Gyum Sal (Sliced Pork Brisket)  
   Dak Bulgogi (Chicken BBQ)   ߺҰ
   Sae Woo Gui (Grill Shrimp)   챸
   Mo Deum Gui (SP. Mixed BBQ for 3)   뱸 3κ
   *Min. 2 order for cooking on B.B.Q. Table. For 1 order, serving by hot plate from kitchen.


   Bi Bim Bab   Mixed vegetables, beef & egg over rice
   Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab   ܺ Mixed vegetables, beef & egg over rice w/ hot pot
   Seafood Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab   ع ܺ Mixed seafood & vegetables over rice w/ hot pot
   Squid & Pork Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab  ܺ Squid, pork & vegetables over rice w/ hot pot
   Hwe Dup Bab   ȸ Assorted sliced raw fish, lettuce, shredded radish over rice
   Yook Gae Jang Soup   Spicy (Mild) soup w/ shredded beef & vegetables
   Dumpling & Rice Cake Soup   α Dumpling soup w/ rice cake
   Soon Tofu Soup   κ Silky tofu soup (Vegetable or Beef or Seafood)
   Chap Chai   ä Most popular korean noodle made w/ potato
   Squid Bokum   ¡ Spicy (Mild) pan broiled squid
   Pork Bokum   Spicy (Mild) pan broiled pork
   Squid & Pork Bulgogi   Ұ Spicy (Mild) pan broiled squid & pork
   Short Rib Soup   Short Rib in soup
   Cod Fish Mae Woon Tang   뱸ſ Spicy (Mild) soup w/ fresh code fish
   Kim Chee Soup  ġ Korean traditional kim chee soup
   Korean Bean Paste Soup   Korean traditional bean paste soup
   Ah Gu Mae Woon Tang   Ʊſ Spicy (Mild) soup w/ monk fish
   Salmon Gui    Grilled salmon
   Mackerel Gui    Grilled mackerel
   Yellow Corvine Gui   ⱸ Grilled yellow corvine
   Spanish Mackerel Gui   ġ Grilled spanish mackerel
   Silver Codfish Jo rim (for 2)   뱸 Sauteed silver cod fish w/ special tofu hot pot
   Kim Chee & Tofu Jungol (for 2)   ġκ Spicy (Mild) kim chee &  tofu hot pot
   Hae Mul Jungol (for 2)   ع Spicy (Mild) mixed seafood hot pot


   Ten Zaru Soba   ޹б
   Nabe Udon   쵿
   Tempura Udon   Ƣ쵿

  Cold Plate  (ä)

   Two Flavor Cold Plate   ΰü
   Three Flavor Cold Plate   ü
   Combination Cold Plate   ü

  Entrees  ()

   Hot Empress Chicken   dz
   Hot Braised Chicken  
   Sweet & Sour Beef  
   Braised Bean Thread Pork   ä
   Sauteed Green Pepper Meat   ä
   Sauteed Strip Seafood   ス
   Mongoloan Beef   Ұ

  Seafood  (ع)

   Hot Empress Shrimp   dz
   Combination Happy Family   Ⱥä
   Mussel with Black Bean Sauce   ⸧

  Noodle  ()

   Seafood Noodle Soup   Q쵿
   Soy Bean Sauce Noodle   Q¥
   Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup   Q«
   Seafood Noodle Thicker Soup   Q

  Rice  ()

   Beef Fried Rice   Ұ⺺
   Pork Fried Rice   ⺺
   Shrimp Fried Rice    캺
   Spicy Seafood Rice Soup   «͹
   Soy Bean Sauce Rice   ¥
   House Special Fried Rice   Q
   Chow Fen Si Rice   ä
   Seafood Combination Rice  

  Vegetable & Bean Curd  (äκη)

   Hot Bean Curd with Pork   ĵκ
   Vegetable Bean Curd   äκ
   Black Bean Sauce Bean Curd   ⸧κ
   Chinese Seasonal Vegetables   ߱ä

  Fish  ()

   Whole Fish   Ѹ

  Sushi & Sashimi  (, ù)

Sushi Deluxe

Sushi Supreme

Sashimi Deluxe

Sashimi Supreme

Sushi & Sashimi Combo

Sushi - Served with Miso Soup and Salad.    /    Sashimi - Served with Miso Soup, Salad and Rice.


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